The start of a new adventure

Welcome to Woodmill Farm’s first blog post! I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about us, how you deal with us and how we work. I hope you enjoy reading it! I welcome all of your comments and I will always listen to your thoughts! I hope you find value in my posts and if you ever wanted me to talk about something specific, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Who we are

Woodmill Farm is one of the top leading wood suppliers in Plymouth and aim to be the best. We can supply you with any type of wood you need, from Maple to Oak, Birch to Sycamore we’ve got it all. Here at Woodmill Farm, we always provide you with the best quality wood and all of it is distributed from our own Woodmill Farm.

Where is it all from?

All of our wood comes to you in whatever shape you like and can be delivered to your doorstep or can be ready to collect at your earliest convenience. We aim to provide the people of Plymouth and surrounding areas with top quality products to ensure you keep coming back to us.

Why we are the best

With our prices always being fair and our deals every month always being big and exciting, we ensure that your experience with us is one to smile about and our prices are hard to ignore. Woodmill Farm’s blogs will include all of our latest deals, our exciting new finds, what wood is in right now and also what local businesses we recommend to help you finish what you started.

I welcome your feedback

We hope that you find value in all of our blog posts as we will always aim to please you and give you top quality information. Please feel free to speak to me via my blog posts or message me privately. Anything you want me to write about, please message me and I will try my best to do a blog about your enquiry!

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