The most popular woods for 2016

In 2016, home decor has changed dramatically. More homes are being decorated with hardwood flooring instead of carpet and even stairs and bathrooms are now more likely to have wooden flooring than any other material.

As wood suppliers, Woodmill Farm want to help you out with different ideas you may be struggling with at home! Our workers are all very experienced in all types of wood and always know what is best and what will look the best too.

Plain yet modern hardwood floors

When choosing the perfect wood, just a plain type can never go wrong. If you home is vibrant, plain hardwood flooring is perfect and can be found in different colours of beige, light browns and dark browns.

Classic yet brilliant

The classic dark wood flooring is always a favourite! It can bring warmth to any room and make it feel homely whilst looking classy and elegant. Although dark wood has been deemed as being old fashioned, it is still a beautiful wood to have in your home.

Bold and beautiful

Being a little different can always be scary but can also be the best decision you made. Using a white wood or a washed wood, you can make your home bright and modern. A white hardwood flooring is a very bold statement to make in a house but you can never go wrong with it.

Deciding to go for the opposite too white and going for a black hardwood flooring can also be scary but can look beautiful if done right. Using black hardwood flooring down your stairs is also a very good idea and using white colours to contrast it makes your home outstanding.

Extravagant hardwood floors 

Red hardwood flooring and orange hardwood flooring can sound almost too outrageous! But for a quirky home, it can make all the difference! Using subtle furniture colours and bright flooring can make your home stand out from the rest. Using colours for your wooden floors can really make your home different.

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