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With scary rumours of wood being sourced all over the world illegally, it is no wonder why people are scared to buy their furniture, flooring boards and tools from certain places.

Here at Woodmill Farm, we ask that whatever unwanted wood you have, whatever type, however big or small it is, we ask that you bring it in to us so that we can put it to use. A lot of our wood that is unwanted is made into pellets.

What are pellets?

Wood pellets are made using different types of wood such as offcuts, shavings and also sawdust! All of which is unwanted wood that can be put to good use! How pellets are made is extremely eco-friendly as the products are sustainably grown and untreated.

How are pellets made?

The material that is used to make pellets is dried using very high temperatures and is later compacted into a ‘pelletiser’. A pelletiser is what forms the pellets into the shape they are which is a small pellet around 5mm to 6mm in diameter.

Are pellets better to burn?

Because the pellets are high quality and are so dense, they give off the cleanest burn for your home and also give off the least amount of ash like normal wood fuels give off. Because pellets are so small, this means that the amount of moisture is more than halved making them easier to set alight. 

So, whatever type of wood you have, we would love to take it off your hands and make use of it so it doesn’t go to waste! Even if you have spare wood and it isn’t burning as good on your fire, bring it to us and we will make it into pellets for you and can be delivered to your door in bags.

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