Home improvement on the hills

In Plymouth there are a lot of houses on hills.

Well how is that for a profound and mindlessly useless statement!

“Who cares” you might ask?

Well when it comes to doing any garden maintenance or if you want to extend your property or have any kind of patio installed then living on a hill is a problem. If the bottom of your garden is at least 3 metres below the level of your house, you have an unbelievable slope.

We have a massive slope in our garden, and we wanted a patio. The only way I could see this as being a possibility was to hire some architect to design a creation and build the equivalent of the Notre dame in our garden. The Notre dame is probably a bad example, the hoover dam would be better as that is actually on a cliff edge as opposed to being in the middle of a city.

Anyway, it’s always the cost of these home improvements that is the problem. We did have a builder give us a quote and well, you could say we could have mortgaged a property in Beverly hills for what he was asking. So I was looking online for some other possibilities and came across www.qualitydeckingplymouth.com who have a solution called “Raised Decking” which I had never heard of before.

It just means a wooden structure, supported by steel girders, can be erected onto a piece of ground which to the naked eye would look impossible, to the average DIY expert, to erect anything at all! In the end that is exactly what we did. It was a lot more reasonably priced, more like a property in Belfast than Beverly Hills, so we now have some great patio decking to enjoy.

Living in Plymouth, UK you sometimes wonder whether having any kind of outside area is even worth it. Since having the decking installed we have only been out there 5 times in 2 months. In the rain it isn’t quite as enjoyable.

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