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Plymouth Roofers


Woolmill Farm have been working closely with a local roofing company (Plymouth Roofers) for the last year now. It’s great to keep other local businesses in the community in business. The wood and timber that we cut down gets taken to the saw mill and cut into laths and other necessary materials that are used in the roofing industry.

Roofing is a trade that has to be carried out to strict building regulations, it is imperative that high quality materials and timber are used so the work can be guaranteed.

You may have recently heard/read about when Plymouth Roofers saved the Edwards family’s home when they erected a temporary shelter on their home when that nasty storm hit us in September, you can read the article here on the Plymouth Directory.

Woodmill farm would like to personally recommend Plymouth Roofers services weather it’s residential roofing, flat roofing, commercial roofing or even roof repairs this roofing company are guaranteed to deliver a high standard of work at affordable prices.

Here’s their contact details, they also do free quotes and inspections.

Plymouth Roofers
Unit 6011
26 George Place
01752 967500


Home improvement on the hills

In Plymouth there are a lot of houses on hills.

Well how is that for a profound and mindlessly useless statement!

“Who cares” you might ask?

Well when it comes to doing any garden maintenance or if you want to extend your property or have any kind of patio installed then living on a hill is a problem. If the bottom of your garden is at least 3 metres below the level of your house, you have an unbelievable slope.

We have a massive slope in our garden, and we wanted a patio. The only way I could see this as being a possibility was to hire some architect to design a creation and build the equivalent of the Notre dame in our garden. The Notre dame is probably a bad example, the hoover dam would be better as that is actually on a cliff edge as opposed to being in the middle of a city.

Anyway, it’s always the cost of these home improvements that is the problem. We did have a builder give us a quote and well, you could say we could have mortgaged a property in Beverly hills for what he was asking. So I was looking online for some other possibilities and came across who have a solution called “Raised Decking” which I had never heard of before.

It just means a wooden structure, supported by steel girders, can be erected onto a piece of ground which to the naked eye would look impossible, to the average DIY expert, to erect anything at all! In the end that is exactly what we did. It was a lot more reasonably priced, more like a property in Belfast than Beverly Hills, so we now have some great patio decking to enjoy.

Living in Plymouth, UK you sometimes wonder whether having any kind of outside area is even worth it. Since having the decking installed we have only been out there 5 times in 2 months. In the rain it isn’t quite as enjoyable.

How you can help us to help you!

With scary rumours of wood being sourced all over the world illegally, it is no wonder why people are scared to buy their furniture, flooring boards and tools from certain places.

Here at Woodmill Farm, we ask that whatever unwanted wood you have, whatever type, however big or small it is, we ask that you bring it in to us so that we can put it to use. A lot of our wood that is unwanted is made into pellets.

What are pellets?

Wood pellets are made using different types of wood such as offcuts, shavings and also sawdust! All of which is unwanted wood that can be put to good use! How pellets are made is extremely eco-friendly as the products are sustainably grown and untreated.

How are pellets made?

The material that is used to make pellets is dried using very high temperatures and is later compacted into a ‘pelletiser’. A pelletiser is what forms the pellets into the shape they are which is a small pellet around 5mm to 6mm in diameter.

Are pellets better to burn?

Because the pellets are high quality and are so dense, they give off the cleanest burn for your home and also give off the least amount of ash like normal wood fuels give off. Because pellets are so small, this means that the amount of moisture is more than halved making them easier to set alight. 

So, whatever type of wood you have, we would love to take it off your hands and make use of it so it doesn’t go to waste! Even if you have spare wood and it isn’t burning as good on your fire, bring it to us and we will make it into pellets for you and can be delivered to your door in bags.

Where do we get all of our wood from?

Most of our wood is locally sourced and comes from the local tree surgeons in Plymouth. Every time a tree is cut down by a local tree surgeon and is taken away by them, they will then bring their wood to us and we then save the wood and use it for our produce.

Our leading wood supplier cuts down the trees and brings  the wood to us, we then make it into all types of wood supplies for our customers! No matter how big or small the wood is, we take it off their hands and make good use of it.

What is a Tree Surgeons job?

A tree surgeon’s job is to undertake the things you are unable to do yourself, like cutting down a tree, removal of a stump, trimming back the hedges and even site clearances! When they collect all of the leftover wood from that day, they then bring the wood to us and depending on what type of wood it is, we decide what is best to do with it and we never waste valuable wood.

Wood is wasted too much around Britain and it is a shame! Every bit of wood can be used for something else and if wasted, it means that wood will have to come from somewhere else! So, whatever wood you have, if you don’t need it yourself, we would love to take it off your hands and make something out of it!

Trees are a beautiful feature in this world and to take them away isn’t the best thing to do but sometimes, you have no choice. For instance, if a tree is a hazard for the people surrounding it or if the tree is blocking the way of something that needs to be built, the tree must be felled.

All of our wood comes from genuine companies and is not imported from around the world. We don’t believe in selling cheap wood that won’t last and then over charging you for something that isn’t worth a penny! We believe that good quality wood is the key and we always sell our wood at prices that nobody could moan at!

The most popular woods for 2016

In 2016, home decor has changed dramatically. More homes are being decorated with hardwood flooring instead of carpet and even stairs and bathrooms are now more likely to have wooden flooring than any other material.

As wood suppliers, Woodmill Farm want to help you out with different ideas you may be struggling with at home! Our workers are all very experienced in all types of wood and always know what is best and what will look the best too.

Plain yet modern hardwood floors

When choosing the perfect wood, just a plain type can never go wrong. If you home is vibrant, plain hardwood flooring is perfect and can be found in different colours of beige, light browns and dark browns.

Classic yet brilliant

The classic dark wood flooring is always a favourite! It can bring warmth to any room and make it feel homely whilst looking classy and elegant. Although dark wood has been deemed as being old fashioned, it is still a beautiful wood to have in your home.

Bold and beautiful

Being a little different can always be scary but can also be the best decision you made. Using a white wood or a washed wood, you can make your home bright and modern. A white hardwood flooring is a very bold statement to make in a house but you can never go wrong with it.

Deciding to go for the opposite too white and going for a black hardwood flooring can also be scary but can look beautiful if done right. Using black hardwood flooring down your stairs is also a very good idea and using white colours to contrast it makes your home outstanding.

Extravagant hardwood floors 

Red hardwood flooring and orange hardwood flooring can sound almost too outrageous! But for a quirky home, it can make all the difference! Using subtle furniture colours and bright flooring can make your home stand out from the rest. Using colours for your wooden floors can really make your home different.

The start of a new adventure

Welcome to Woodmill Farm’s first blog post! I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about us, how you deal with us and how we work. I hope you enjoy reading it! I welcome all of your comments and I will always listen to your thoughts! I hope you find value in my posts and if you ever wanted me to talk about something specific, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Who we are

Woodmill Farm is one of the top leading wood suppliers in Plymouth and aim to be the best. We can supply you with any type of wood you need, from Maple to Oak, Birch to Sycamore we’ve got it all. Here at Woodmill Farm, we always provide you with the best quality wood and all of it is distributed from our own Woodmill Farm.

Where is it all from?

All of our wood comes to you in whatever shape you like and can be delivered to your doorstep or can be ready to collect at your earliest convenience. We aim to provide the people of Plymouth and surrounding areas with top quality products to ensure you keep coming back to us.

Why we are the best

With our prices always being fair and our deals every month always being big and exciting, we ensure that your experience with us is one to smile about and our prices are hard to ignore. Woodmill Farm’s blogs will include all of our latest deals, our exciting new finds, what wood is in right now and also what local businesses we recommend to help you finish what you started.

I welcome your feedback

We hope that you find value in all of our blog posts as we will always aim to please you and give you top quality information. Please feel free to speak to me via my blog posts or message me privately. Anything you want me to write about, please message me and I will try my best to do a blog about your enquiry!