Monthly Archive: May 2016

Where do we get all of our wood from?

Most of our wood is locally sourced and comes from the local tree surgeons in Plymouth. Every time a tree is cut down by a local tree surgeon and is taken away by them, they will then bring their wood to us and we then save the wood and use it for our produce.

Our leading wood supplier cuts down the trees and brings  the wood to us, we then make it into all types of wood supplies for our customers! No matter how big or small the wood is, we take it off their hands and make good use of it.

What is a Tree Surgeons job?

A tree surgeon’s job is to undertake the things you are unable to do yourself, like cutting down a tree, removal of a stump, trimming back the hedges and even site clearances! When they collect all of the leftover wood from that day, they then bring the wood to us and depending on what type of wood it is, we decide what is best to do with it and we never waste valuable wood.

Wood is wasted too much around Britain and it is a shame! Every bit of wood can be used for something else and if wasted, it means that wood will have to come from somewhere else! So, whatever wood you have, if you don’t need it yourself, we would love to take it off your hands and make something out of it!

Trees are a beautiful feature in this world and to take them away isn’t the best thing to do but sometimes, you have no choice. For instance, if a tree is a hazard for the people surrounding it or if the tree is blocking the way of something that needs to be built, the tree must be felled.

All of our wood comes from genuine companies and is not imported from around the world. We don’t believe in selling cheap wood that won’t last and then over charging you for something that isn’t worth a penny! We believe that good quality wood is the key and we always sell our wood at prices that nobody could moan at!